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Fulfilment Service UK the Pros vs. Cons

Updated: Apr 26

Fulfilment Service UK

As a eCommerce order Fulfilment Service UK, we frequently explain our Fulfilment Service UK operations, the diverse product range we handle, and the intricacies of order processing. Below is a concise overview of our Fulfilment Service UK, detailing its functions, the spectrum of products managed, and insights into the advantages and potential drawbacks of opting for an outsourced distribution partner.

What is a Fulfilment Service UK?

A Fulfilment Service UK serves as a warehouse specialising in the selection, packing, and dispatch of customer orders. Order sizes and types, along with diverse customer profiles, contribute to significant variability. Beyond outbound shipping, these centres often manage the complexities of processing return orders.

Types of Fulfilment Service UK

Various order Fulfilment Service UK cater to distinct needs. Some specialise in direct-to-consumer (D2C) , while others focus solely on larger business-to-business (B2B) orders destined for commercial locations.

At Blue30, we adeptly manage both D2C and B2B orders. Our clients, all with an online sales component, utilise platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Shopfiy. Additionally, many clients operate a B2B facet, requiring us to ship case packs, cartons, or pallets to diverse customers, from small boutiques to large retail giants.

Warehouse vs. Fulfilment Service UK

Fulfilment centre

A warehouse and a Fulfilment Service UK are distinct entities, with warehouses primarily dedicated to storing goods and not involved in shipping. Conversely, a Fulfilment Service UK not only stores products but also necessitates the business to handle order shipping, making it more than just a storage facility.

Blue30 operates as a Fulfilment Service UK, but does also offer long and short term storage. What sets us apart is our flexibility, as we do not impose minimum order volume requirements on clients. While catering to online businesses, Blue30 accommodates start-ups with lower order volumes, offering a more adaptable solution in the fulfilment landscape.

Pros & Cons of an Outsourced Fulfilment Service UK

At some point, for any business that requires shipping, they are going to have to make the decision about whether or not they want to handle the shipping themselves, or outsource to a third-party Fulfilment Service UK, like Blue30. Here are some of the pros and potential cons of working with a fulfilment centre…



Focus on your core capabilities

Loss of control

Lower your overhead costs

Lack of customisation

Lower your shipping costs

Potentially higher costs

Improve your speed and dependability

Improve your scalability

Extra services

The Fulfilment Service UK Pros

Focus on your core capabilities Delegating your order fulfilment to an external provider allows your company to concentrate on its core strengths, whether that involves product sourcing, marketing, or strategic planning. Opting for in-house handling, even with capable warehouse supervisors, can consume the valuable time of upper management that could otherwise be directed towards more strategic endeavours.

Lower your overhead costs

Managing your order fulfilment internally involves incurring consistent overhead expenses like warehouse rent, equipment, and indirect labour. As your order volume fluctuates, the per-order cost may vary in tandem with these fixed expenses. Opting for external order fulfilment, provided the fulfilment centre doesn't impose minimums or hefty monthly retainers, often allows merchants to adopt a more flexible and variable cost model.

Lower your shipping costs

Numerous online sellers may find that the shipping rates they incur independently are often higher than those achievable through outsourcing their order fulfilment. This discrepancy can be attributed to the fulfilment company's ability to negotiate more favourable rates with shipping carriers.

Fulfilment Service UK

Improve your speed and dependability

Various components of an ecommerce venture, such as sales, restocks, and returned orders, often experience fluctuations. Effectively overseeing in-house fulfilment staff while ensuring swift and consistent turnaround times across all facets can be a cost-prohibitive challenge. Outsourcing these challenges to a fulfilment company alleviates such concerns. Given their expertise, many distribution centres excel at navigating the ups and downs, ensuring efficient operations with rapid turnaround times and a more predictable cost per order for the seller.

Improve your scalability

As your business expands, the availability of warehouse space may become a concern. However, this is a worry that can be alleviated by partnering with a fulfilment service. It's advisable to verify their overall capacity and their capability to expand it as needed over time. Extra services

Blue30 offers a number of extra services that you may have not through about within your business. Our extra services can add extra in terms of the customers experience such as branded boxes and inserts. We also have extra services that you may not even be aware about such as Amazon FBA. Blue30 are one of the UKs leading Amazon FBA prep centres.

The Fulfilment Service UK Cons

Loss of control

Certain ecommerce business proprietors find it challenging to relinquish control over their fulfilment operations, especially when the facility is conveniently located just steps away from their office. Ultimately, it necessitates placing trust in the fulfilment partner after conducting thorough due diligence to confirm their reputation and financial stability. It's important to acknowledge that not all specific demands may be fully met in the outsourcing arrangement. Blue30 aims to become an extension of your operations and aims to fit in with your team and ways of working. Our teams are also easily contactable at all times so you can get any queries answered fast. Lack of customisation

It's a common desire among merchants to incorporate customisation or personalisation into the fulfilment process, whether through branded shipping boxes, custom packing materials, or personalised letters. However, when outsourcing, there may be a trade-off in terms of customisation with some providers. Blue30 does offer a number of customisation services to help you get your brand out there. Potentially higher costs As mentioned earlier, certain sellers can achieve cost savings through the utilisation of an outsourced Fulfilment Service UK. Conversely, depending on the seller's volume and specific requirements, total costs might increase. Nevertheless, the overall advantage lies in positioning the business for growth through enhanced customer service, improved scalability, error reduction, and the liberation of time to concentrate on core competencies.

Blue30 Fulfilment Service UK

Blue30 is a UK based Fulfilment Service UK offering a number of services to ecommerce sellers and brands. Check out the full list of our services provided here. You can also book in a free call to discuss your requirements and what we have to offer here. Alternatively get a free quote here.

Fulfilment Service UK


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