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The Importance of FHDDS Approval in Fulfilment Services


The Fulfilment House Due Diligence Scheme (FHDDS) is a key regulatory framework for fulfilment businesses that store goods in the UK for sellers established outside of the UK. At Blue30, we are proud to be an FHDDS-approved company, demonstrating our commitment to upholding strict standards of compliance in line with the Fulfilment Business Regulations 2018.

What Does FHDDS Approval Mean for You?

Choosing an FHDDS-approved fulfilment service brings numerous benefits for international businesses:

Ensure Compliance with in Fulfilment

Navigating the legal and regulatory landscape of selling and storing goods from overseas can be complex. As an FHDDS-approved fulfilment house, Blue30 takes care of all compliance aspects, giving international clients confidence and peace of mind. Our dedication to compliance is evident across all our services from Fulfilment to Amazon FBA Prep.

Keep Data Secure

Data protection is crucial in today's digital age. FHDDS-approved companies are required to implement robust data protection measures. Blue30 is committed to this standard.

Increase Efficiency

Working with an FHDDS-approved fulfilment house can significantly enhance operational efficiency for international companies. Blue30 offers a streamlined 3PL process, ensuring that goods are handled and serviced efficiently both in the UK and overseas.

Mitigate Risks

Choosing a fulfilment centre that has not been vetted or approved for regulatory standards can expose you to legal issues, disruptions, and instability. Blue30’s FHDDS approval means we have been thoroughly examined and meet all necessary standards, providing a safe, risk-free option for your business.

Enhance Your Reputation

A strong reputation is crucial for any brand. Partnering with an FHDDS-approved fulfilment house signals that your business adheres to regulatory standards and leads the industry in compliance. This not only enhances your operational efficiency but also positively impacts your brand’s reputation.

At Blue30, we are privileged to support a wide range of eCommerce brands operating in the UK and across the globe. If you have any questions about our FHDDS-approved status or would like to learn more about our Fulfilment services, please get in touch.

By choosing Blue30, you are ensuring compliance, securing data, increasing efficiency, mitigating risks, and enhancing your brand’s reputation—all essential factors for success in today's competitive market.

Blue30 Fulfilment FHDDS

Blue30 is a UK based Fulfilment Service UK offering a number of services to eCommerce sellers and brands. Check out the full list of our services provided here. You can also book in a free call to discuss your requirements and what we have to offer here. Alternatively get a free quote here.



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